Signed WAKR 1590 AM “Adam and Bob in the Morning” Coffee Mug (October 28, 1982)

I originally had not one but TWO kinda sorta ‘spooky’ movie-themed posts to finish up October/take us to Halloween, but things didn’t quite work out as planned. I simply didn’t have time to sit back and watch them and review ’em proper. Between work and clearing other things off the DVR, well, it is what it is. One of those subjects I’ll probably just put on the backburner and maybe, MAYBE get to it somewhere down the road, while the other I’ll hopefully get up in November.

Truthfully, I probably could have swung one of them, but then, earlier this week, our subject today fell into my grubby hands, and since the timing was fortuitous and I’m only going to get one 40th anniversary to celebrate it, hey, that’s what I’m going with.

Longtime readers may remember the super neato McDonald’s slash WAKR 1590 “Adam and Bob” plastic coffee mug I detailed back in November 2018 – nearly four (!) years ago as of this writing. As someone who’s always, always after local broadcasting memorabilia, not to mention old restaurant/fast food memorabilia, it was an indelible addition to my collection. The fact I’m a sucker for those old promotional plastic coffee cups/mugs (typically – but not always – made by Whirley) was just the icing on the cake.

So, we’re going back to that well today, because I got another, and it’s even cooler.

This is it, obviously. If you go back to that old post, you’ll see that it’s identical to what I’m showing now. There’s a typical McDonald’s logo on the other side, which I’m neglecting to photograph this time around because I don’t have much to say about it. (Click on the link if you really wanna see it, cause it’s the exact same deal.)

Rather, this image here is, to me, the “meat” of the mug. The Adam and Bob caricatures, the 1590 logo, all immortalized in McDonald’s-appropriate colors and decades-old Whirley plastic – it’s all awesome. Simply put, you just can’t have too many of these. Well, you can’t if you’re me.

Copy ‘n paste from last time, uh, time. Here’s what I done said: “Adam and Bob were Adam Jones and Bob Allen. Sadly, Bob Allen passed away in April, 2017. They had a long running show on the station, starting in 1978 and running until either 1991 or 1995. (I’m seeing both years listed online; can anyone confirm which is correct?)” Honestly, I had forgotten much of what I’d written in that original post, but the illuminating comment from Bob Allen’s daughter was more informative than anything I said anyway.

So, this is all well and good, but why exactly are we taking a trip to Adam and Bob mug-land again? Well, had you fired up them astute lil’ eagle eyes you’re always bragging about (or just bothered to read the post title), you’d already know: this mug is signed by Adam Jones and Bob Allen! Cool winnins!

Oh alright, you have a point; the signatures on the mug are obscured in the photograph above. Fine, here’s a close-up. Happy? Well sure you are!

Seriously gang, this is mega sweet. The mug itself was already a neat throwback to a bygone era in local broadcasting, but when it’s signed by the two stars of the subject, that’s not just cool; that’s immensely cool. (I am of course operating under the presumption that the autographs are legit; forgeries, uh, seem kinda unlikely.)

And what’s even more interesting is that the mug is dated: 10-28-82. Since it’s in a different ink from the signatures, I’ll surmise it was put there by the original owner to, obviously, commemorate the event. If that notation is to be trusted, then this occurred a whopping 40 years agotoday!

Unlike that other Adam and Bob mug, this one has the removable holder on the bottom still in place, though it lacks the little instruction paper inside. I guess I could take the one from the other mug and put it in this one, but that seems awfully superfluous, even for me.

So where’d I get this fine item? My friend Matt was out thrifting and, knowing I collect things just like this, kindly picked it up for me. Actually, when he found it, he said he looked it up online, and what was the first thing that popped up? You guessed it: Frank Stallone my original post on the subject! I’m such a big shot! This was all occurring without the knowledge of yours truly, so when he randomly gave me with the thing, he intro’d it by saying I already had one, but not like this.

Of course, he – like you – only knows what I choose to reveal, but in this case, he was right; I definitely did not have a signed Adam/Bob/WAKR/McDonald’s mug, but I sure do now! It’s the local piece of memorabilia I didn’t realize I needed! And luckily, just in time for it’s 40th anniversary!

So thanks again, Matt! You ain’t no jive turkey! (For now.)


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