RIP, Ron “The Ghoul” Sweed

The man himself, during a 1999 book signing.

I was putting the finishing touches on a new update when I heard the news just a bit ago: last night, Ron Sweed aka The Ghoul passed away. As had been known, and as I mentioned in my December update, he had suffered a heart attack in recent months, and last night he succumbed. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I am right now. The Ghoul was such a huge, huge part of my growing up. So much of my sense of humor and my outlook on life was shaped by him. This is just devastating. I can only imagine this is how people felt when Ernie “Ghoulardi” Anderson passed away in 1997; I didn’t grow up with Ghoulardi, but I did grow up with The Ghoul. When times were tough, when school wasn’t going so great, I always had those Friday nights at 11:30 PM to look forward to. He didn’t know it, but he kept me company from the television screen, gave me a respite from real life for a few hours each weekend. And I will forever be grateful for that.

I met him several times over the years, and each and every time he was absolutely wonderful; incredibly gracious and giving of his time. I never saw him shortchange a single fan. He was, is, an icon, a Northeast Ohio television legend, and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Back in August I posted my memories of growing up with his show on WBNX TV-55; I could never do better than my recollections there, so please, let that article be an ongoing tribute to his influence and entertainment. Words are failing me right now anyway.

RIP Ron, your Ten Star Generals in the Ghoul Power army will never forget you.

The Ghoul and I at that 1999 book signing.

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