Vintage WKBN-TV 27-Branded Mad Dasher Rain Poncho

Look, I don’t know where you reside, but here in Northeast Ohio, it’s pretty cold right now. I can (sorta) live with that, but when it’s snowing, well, it gets real irritating, real fast. I am not a fan of snow, especially when it’s mushy and relentless.

So, in the spirit of the season (ha!), here’s an appropriate update, not only because it was meant to aid us in our never ending battle against unpleasant weather, but also because it features an aspect directly up the alley of the blog you’re perusing right now this very moment.

This is a new acquisition of mine, found a few nights ago during a thrift trip for only – get this – 14 cents. 14 big cents! Now under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t purchase an item such as a poncho for even that low, low price. I don’t wear ponchos, I don’t collect ponchos, and had it not looked somewhat vintage, I probably wouldn’t have even picked it up in the first place.

I take no issue with ponchos, mind you; they’re handy enhancements to any wardrobe that you don’t wish to become damp. It’s just that I personally don’t typically like wearing ‘extra’ things over my clothing. I almost rather get all wet, even at the risk of not being able to pretend I’m Luke Skywalker on Endor.

Anyway, the side of the packaging you’re seeing here was what I myself first saw. It’s a “Mad Dasher” brand poncho, and it’s got an adjustable hood. It’s also reusable, recyclable, and it’s touted as being of the “Dura-Tuff” design, which I assume means the wearer is essentially invulnerable whilst wearing it. (Seriously, when the weather is poundin’, y’all want these things to hold steady, which is what I’m guessing “Dura-Tuff” refers to.)

Mad Dasher is known for producing these ponchos with promotional logos of whoever, and while I don’t know when this particular one was released (I estimate it as hailing from the mid-1980s to the early-1990s), I do know that, man, it’s a home run cool winnin for sure. Dig this…

Look at that!

When I turned the package over and saw the logo of Youngstown, Ohio’s CBS affiliate, WKBN-TV 27, emblazoned in bright red lettering on the other side, this poncho went from something I was just kind of absentmindedly scanning to something that was absolutely coming home with me.

Longtime readers will know that I collect promotional memorabilia related to broadcasting, especially television broadcasting, and when it’s of vintage age (though indeterminate in this case), I have no problem telling you I get unacceptably giddy. Such was the case here, cause no joke, I love this thing.

Since Youngstown isn’t my hometown, and we (or at least *I*) couldn’t/can’t normally pull in the station around these parts, the only way things could be cooler here is if this was branded with one of ‘my’ Cleveland and/or Akron stations. But then, for all I know, there’s one of those ponchos waiting out there somewhere for me, too.

This poncho is still sealed and unused in its baggy, and I just don’t have the heart to open it. Theoretically I could find another at some point, new or used, but as of now, I can’t take the plunge and crack the seal. Still, if you scroll back up to that first pic and look close, you can see the 27 printing peaking through from the inside, which means the wearer would be a walking billboard for WKBN. Neato!

So, not a big huge update this time around, but an update nonetheless, and regarding something too cool not to spotlight here.

Until the next time, stay warm and dry (if applicable).

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