The Son Of Ghoul Show – Now On Saturdays At 8 PM, WAOH TV-29 / WAX TV-35.


That screencap comes from the latest Son Of Ghoul promo, which duly announces his show’s timeslot change to 8 PM Saturdays on WAOH TV-29 in Akron, WAX TV-35 in Cleveland, a move that began this past weekend.

(Look closely at that picture above; it’s a little tough to make out, but to the left, that thing the stuffed animal is sitting on appears to be the custom SOG Bar Sign that I myself sent in awhile back, and which has been part of the set for the last couple of years. That’s right, one of my contributions has been immortalized in a SOG promo! Cool winnins!)

Prior to last weekend, SOG had been on at 7 PM Saturdays since summer 2009, when 29/35 became our Retro TV affiliate. However, RTV’s acquisition of Mystery Science Theater 3000 this past summer was causing (I’m guessing) some timeslot confusion. Y’see, RTV has been running two MST3K episodes a week: one at 8 PM Saturday, and one at 5 PM Sunday. Sunday wasn’t an issue, but the thing with Saturday was that with SOG starting at 7, running for two hours, and then 29/35 switching back to the RTV feed afterwards, it was leaving a displaced final hour of MST3K. While I most certainly loves me some MST3K, this move does make for a cleaner, more sensible timeslot. And anything that keeps SOG in prime-time is aces with me.

So, write it down: The Son Of Ghoul Show, 8 PM, Saturday, WAOH TV-29 in Akron, WAX TV-35 in Cleveland.


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