Curtis Mathes VHS VCR Model No. KV753 (1984)


Alright, as I said in my Memorex S-VHS VCR post from earlier today, the Goodwill I got that at had a GE VHS VCR from 1984 that I had my eye on but passed up. Well, despite the crummy appearance of the VCR, my Northeast Ohio Video Hunter instincts got the better of me and I went back for it tonight. Unfortunately, that VCR really was in pretty nasty shape, so I passed it up again. That’s okay though, cause I found one I Iike even more…


A Curtis Mathes VHS VCR, Model # KV753 from 1984, complete with DDDDolby! Like my S-VHS find earlier today, this was the bargain price of $5. Also like my S-VHS find earlier today, it appears that the door that went over the selectors is looong gone. Unlike my S-VHS find earlier today, my Curtis Mathes VCR appears to work.

curt2 curt3

This fella was in the same electronics section my S-VHS VCR resided in, but I missed this one earlier today because someone was playin’ mind games and put a large dome-like light contraption (seriously, I don’t know what the hell it was) on top of it, thus obscuring your Northeast Ohio Video Hunter’s view. DIG?


This unit is the same age as the GE VCR I went back to maybe buy, but besides the added bonus of not being covered in a battery acid-like substance (best case scenario), this VCR has the old-school channel selectors I love so, so much.

curt6 curt5

3 = WKYC (NBC), 5 = WEWS (ABC), 8 = WJW (then CBS), 17 =  I.D. is escaping me (helpful, right?), 19 = WOIO, 23 = WAKC (ABC), 25 = WVIZ (PBS), 43 = WUAB, 49 = WEAO (PBS), 61 = WCLQ. Don’t know what 2, 4, 6 & 7 indicated.

curt8 curt7

You can tell it’s ancient when it has the channel range selector on the top.


There’s my two new acquisitions from today. They have nothing much to do with each other, but there they are, like pals. Combined, these two guys only cost $10 + tax, which is a small price to pay for this particular form of happiness. Also, it occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Curtis Mathes product before. Certainly not a VCR, at least.

So, there, another one for my steadily growing collection of old VCRs.

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