WTOG TV-44 Creature Feature With Dr. Paul Bearer “The Vengeance Of She” Promo (1988)

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I talked a little bit before about Dr. Paul Bearer, WTOG TV-44 in St. Petersburg, Florida’s horror movie host, back in May. In that post, it was just a short 5-second promo advertising the show in general. Now, we’ve got a full 30-second promo, advertising an actual episode! This is the kind of stuff I hope for whenever I find any material from the right station & timeframe as any given horror movie host.

In my initial Dr. Paul Bearer post, I mentioned the sheer number of Dallas reruns I had acquired that were recorded off of WTOG, and which I just kept buying in hope of finding some Bearer promos or whatnot. What I didn’t mention was that most of the Dallas stuff (and there was a LOT of it) was from 1984 & 1985, and I found absolutely nothing Dr. Paul Bearer-related during those broadcasts. It wasn’t until I went through a few tapes containing the station’s Cheers reruns from 1988 that I found anything. In fact, I still only found two promos, and I already posted the other one back in May. What strikes me as odd is that I always figured that since horror hosts’ popularity dwindled throughout the 1980’s, I figured the older the recording is, the better chance I’d have of finding material. I think that still holds true, but obviously it’s not set in stone.

Dr. Paul Bearer doesn’t get a whole lot of screentime or dialogue, but since this is pretty much all about the movie, I guess you wouldn’t really expect him to. His screentime amounts to those shots of him in the coffin, and in the entire promo, this is all he says:

“Heheheheh! This is Dr. Paul Bearer, with a few scenes from our next Creature Feature!”

He then chuckles a bit as we head into the rest of the promo, which is made up almost entirely of clips from that week’s movie.

paul3 paul4

The movie is The Vengeance Of She, A 1968 British film by Hammer (is saying a Hammer film is British redundant?). I have not seen this movie, nor have I seen the movie this is apparently a loose sequel to / kinda-remake-of: 1965’s She. From how I understand it, this is more of an adventure fantasy film, which at first glance seems just a bit out of place (to me) on a show called Creature Feature, but then, I guess there are no iron-clad rules, right? I always think of horror and sci-fi as the main area of these types of shows, but I suppose fantasy can fall within the boundries, too. Then again, from reading a plot summary, this may very well qualify as horror or sci-fi. I’m trying really, really hard not to be speaking out of my ass right now, and I fear I’m failing.

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All of the clips from the movie used in this promo have a real same-y quality to them. I mean, really, it all kinda looks the same to me. It mostly consistes of exposition on “the flame” (apparently, when the flame turns blue, that’s what makes people immortal in this movie; I know the story of She has been around for quite awhile, but I’m not too familiar with it, so I apologize if my description is sketchy, and I know it is). There’s also Ayesha, being implored that “the moment is upon us!”. Honestly, for a promo that’s supposed to sell us on the movie, it’s not exactly the most convincing thing in the world. But then, in my eyes, Dr. Paul Bearer is the most important thing here, so maybe they didn’t need to sell us on the movie. Does that make sense? Probably not.


I do wish a movie more suited to my tastes was featured, but since I’ve only had limited luck locating (alliteration!) Dr. Paul Bearer promos, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m extremely pleased to have a promo for an actual episode of this show saved and archived for posterity.

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