More Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’.

I’ve been holding off on a new update a bit longer than usual as I wanted my interview with Dennis Donnelly to remain at the top of the home page for as long as possible. But, it’s time for an update. So, if you haven’t read my interview with him yet, be sure to check it out after you read this stupid post.

Back in April, I posted what just may be the first semi-in depth look at a forgotten horror movie show from the late-90’s: Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’. In that first posting, I mentioned I had another episode recorded with a whole different look and feel, but it wasn’t available for screenshots at the time of writing (i.e., it was buried in one of my many, many boxes). Well, the other day I did a little searching (I was actually looking for those old WOIO Superman broadcasts I mentioned in June 8th’s post, though that tape is still MIA until I work up the nerve to do some serious tape diggin’) and I managed to find my old VHS featuring that episode of Enigma Theater.

Quick re-cap: Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’ was a horror movie show in the late-90’s. It ran *around* 1998-1999 possibly into 2000. It was part of the America One network’s programming, and was shown here in Northeast Ohio on our (then) A1 affiliate “The Cat”, WAOH TV-29 in Akron (& WAX TV-35 in Cleveland). I did a big huge write-up on The Cat not too long ago, for those so-inclined to read about the station.

(If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to check out my original post about the series here: . Boy, am I the king of self-promotion today or what?)

rocket3 rocket4

There’s Edward St. Pe’, in front of that background that was nowhere to be seen in the other eps I covered before. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. The pillar gives the impression of ruins, but the foggy, red-ish landscape gives a Mars vibe. Or maybe that was specific to this ep, since the featured movie was Rocketship X-M. You can tell I was taping pretty much anything sci-fi or horror related, because I don’t have nor recall ever having had any real interest in Rocketship X-M outside of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 airing (which I still haven’t seen, go figure).

Unfortunately, my copy doesn’t have an opening montage like my other eps. Don’t blame me, though. The station was having difficulties, the result being that I was able to stare at WAOH’s station I.D. for a bit before St. Pe’ pops in already in progress. Oddly enough, for something I recorded myself back in the day, I couldn’t really place a date on this. The best I can come up with is later-1999, or possibly later-2000 (the tape ends with WAOH’s Halloween airing of Night Of The Living Dead, which they ran every year. Since I had seen their print once before I recorded it, it’s gotta be a bit later. My patented deductive reasonin’ says this is from 2000, but hell, I don’t know).

Also odd: When St. Pe’ pops up, he’s in the middle of explaining what the movie fare of Enigma Theater will entail. This explanatory dialogue would be quite normal for a first episode, but since this is undoubtedly a newer episode than the others I have, and given the entirely different look, I wonder if this was their attempt at some kind of re-launch? Re-imagining?

rocket5 rocket6

Also a bit different are these bumpers, which specifically mention the movie. My other shows have bumpers, but they’re generic “Enigma Theater will be right back!” type deals.

Enigma Theater isn’t very well-known nowadays, and I guess it wasn’t all that well-known back when it originally ran (at least not around here), but hey, at least this different variation of the show has been archived for posterity.


One thought on “More Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’.

  1. george

    yes i remember the retooling of the Enigma theater. it was in late 2000 channel 67 starting showing enigma theater only every other week. Then this theme started showing up and Edward began plugging his Jazz ensemble album. On the last episode i viewed he was saying he was going to do a film. The following week the cooking show started. I always wondered what happened to the show.


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