Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’ (1999)

I’m gearing up to do a big post all about our local independent station WAOH TV-29 in Akron (WAX TV-35 in Cleveland), but until then, here’s some info on a horror hosted movie show that appeared on the station in the late-90’s, via the America One Network (which WAOH regularly syndicated large amounts of programming from at the time). Enigma Theater, hosted by Edward St. Pe’, apparently didn’t leave much of an impression, because there’s next to NO info on it out there in internet land.

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As far as I know, the series only ran in the late-90’s, and everything I have is from 1999. it may have been running in ’98, perhaps as late as 2000, but I don’t recall it ever being around all that long. Unlike many horror hosts, St. Pe’ didn’t engage in skits or tell jokes, but rather appeared at the beginning and end of each film presented, as well as a few times in-between, presenting facts and plugging the Enigma film library & website. Like many horror hosts, the movies presented were public domain.

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In my market, the series aired late, late Saturday nights (technically, very early Sunday morning). Mabe it’s because of that timeslot that few people ever saw the show, since relatively few people watched WAOH in the first place (then known as “The Cat”, which is where Son of Ghoul has aired since 1995 and has stayed to this very day; SOG is probably the most popular show to ever appear on the station).

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I have three and a half episodes on tape: Circus Of Fear, The Vampire People, Rocketship X-M, and (God literally only knows how) a chunk of The Corpse Vanishes. I’m not sure where my copy of The Corpse Vanishes is right now, and I’m not digging through 8000 VHS tapes to find it, but Circus Of Fear and The Vampire People share a common set theme (just look at the pics). However, Rocketship X-M has St. Pe’ standing in front of, if I recall correctly, what appear to be red-tinted ruins of some sort, Maybe it’s supposed to be a planet. I don’t have pics of this ep on the PC, so you’re going to have to take my word for it (like I said, I’m not digging through a mountain of tapes to grab a pic of a show that only I care about).

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Anyway, it’s a pretty forgotten show. Oh well. A part of it’s legacy, such as it is, lives on to this day, however. In a late-90’s mail segment Son Of Ghoul repeats occasionally nowadays, a viewer mentions the show. SOG’s conclusion? “It blows!”


6 thoughts on “Enigma Theater With Edward St. Pe’ (1999)

  1. george

    I used to watch this on channel 67 out of springville ny. it aired on Sunday nights between 8-9:30. I watched it every Sunday for 3 years and then it was replaced by some cooking show. i loved the closing theme it was so creepy.

  2. Dan Shupp

    I have an old VHS tape filled with episodes of Enigma Theater. I even edited out the commercials. I have 5 episodes: White Zombie, Devil Bat, Curse Of The Vampire, Indestructable Man & Scared To Death. At the time I even sent away for the St. Pe Cine’ Classique film catalogue, which I still have since I throw very little away in my life.

  3. Patrick Jerome (Pearl River Flow)

    Edward was a weatherman here in Jackson, MS for a long while, he had moved on to doing a weather service right around this time, and this used the same studio. It’s now an escape room and loft, but I digress. He’s a local character with a jazz album where he’s shirtless on the cover. These days he does the small horror circuit with his own stuff.
    Enigma was fun for me, because it was sorta local, being done in Jackson, and I was a huge MST3K head at the time.


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